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The Creation

The moment an inspiration blows an idea we see the opportunity to turn that glow of light into something bigger, more charming and that can take people on a wonderful journey. To create is a divine gift that we seek to accomplish with gratitude. Below are the projects that follow for production and that much prides us.


The feature film project titled "Empirion - umq aventura com Einstein", @empirionfilme, has João Roberto Gaiotto as the argument's author and the first treatment.

The project was contemplated by the edict for the development of a project in the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund and was also approved by Ancine to raise funds through Federal Incentive Laws.


In our portfolio there are also scripts for comedy, historical adventure, animation, miniseries, war and science fiction movies. 

Lobomarca looks for opportunities to take these projects ahead.

If you have a producer company and are interested about our projects, you are welcome to contact us!

Concent As Grandes Orquestras Francesas


The orchestral music went through a great phase of changes starting in 1950. The conductors began to arrange songs including, drums, electric bass, guitars, eletric organs and some time later the synthesisers. The new sonority won fans around the world and the style reached the Top Ten Billboard on 1968, when the French conductor Paul Mauriat released his version of Love is Blue.

After decades of successes and hundreds of concerts the great orchestras have won fans in many countries, the style has left the legacy of quality music, romantic and refined arrangements.


Lobomarca Produções are producing the concert As Grandes Orquestras Francesas, which will be conducted by French maestro Gilles Gambus, a profound connoisseur of the style he helped to enshrine during the 30 years that accompanied the Paul Mauriat Grand Orchestra. The first concert was held in Curitiba, on June 26, 2019, at the Teatro Guaíra.

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