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Bandeira do Brasil
Bandeira dos Estados Unidos da América
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About us

THE LOBOMARCA PRODUÇÕES, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

Since 2010 we have developed screenplays for cinema mixing fiction with real events and historical characters. We believe that is a great way to entertain and bring the History to the public of all ages. Creating fictional narratives shared with big names in history is always irresistible. 


In the musical area the experience in studio work, music festivals and shows encouraged us for a new challenge, and we love challenges.
In this first phase we recover the legacy of the Great Orchestras offering the concert As Grande Orquestras Francesas (The Great French Orchestras.)
The concert pays homage to the orchestral genre Easy Listening and its repertoire spanning classic, romantic, pop and our eternal MPB.

Lobomarca Produções has as managing partners Elizabeth Gaiotto and Vitória Sofia Gaiotto.

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